Titulo: “A marked point process model for intraday financial returns: Modelling extreme risk

Autores: Rodrigo Herrera Leiva

Forecasting the risk of extreme losses is an important issue in the management of financial risk and has attracted a great deal of research attention. However, little attention has been paid to extreme losses in a higher frequency intraday setting. This paper proposes a novel marked point process model to capture extreme risk in intraday returns, taking into account a range of trading activity and liquidity measures. A novel approach is proposed for defining the threshold upon which extreme events are identified taking into account the diurnal patterns in intraday trading activity. It is found that models including covariates, mainly relating to trading intensity and spreads offer the best in-sample fit, and prediction of extreme risk, in particular at higher quantiles.

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Fecha y hora: 6 de Octubre de 2017 | 13:00 hrs
Lugar: Sala P307 Edificio Placa (Diagonal Paraguay # 257, Santiago, Chile)

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