17 de Marzo

Giorgo Sertsios, Universidad de los Andes

Titulo: "Not all profits are created equal: New evidence on the profitability-leverage puzzle"
31 de Marzo

Stepehn Lin - Florida International University

Titulo: "Does Mandatory Adoption of IFRS contribute to the decline of the accrual anomaly? Evidence from Germany"
13 de Abril

Julien Penasse - Luxembourg School of Finance

Titulo: "The Time-Varying Risk of Macroeconomic Disasters"
Mayo 5

Harold Contreras - Universidad de Chile

Titulo: "Insider Selling on Public Information: Evidence from Competition with Short Sellers"

Mayo 19

Pablo Castañeda - UAI

Titulo: "On the Optimal Design of a Benchmark Portfolio"

Junio 16

Marcela Valenzuela - CEA Universidad de Chile

Titulo "Learning from history: volatility and financial crises "
Junio 30

Patricio Toro, Banco Central

Título "Credit Guarantees and Credit Constraints"
Julio 7

Mauricio Larraín - PUC

Título "Capital Inflows and Equity Issuance Activity"
Julio 14
Adam Clements, Queensland University of Technology in Birsbane
Título: "News and network structures in equity market volatility"
Agosto 11

Roman Kozhan, University of Warwick, Business School

Título: "The Cross-Section of Currency Volatility Premia"
Agosto 25

Gabriel Natividad - Universidad de Piura

Título: "The Long-Term Impacts of Colonial Taxation"
Septiembre 22

Michael Troege del ESCP-Paris

Título: "Cheap Talk and Strategic Rounding in LIBOR Submissions"
Octubre 6

Rodrigo Herrera Leiva, Universidad de Talca

Título: "A marked point process model for intraday financial returns: Modelling extreme risk"

Octubre 13
Hedibert Lopes - INSPER

Título: "On the Long Run Volatility of Stocks"
Noviembre 3

Francisco Marcet (FEN-UChile), Harold Contreras (University of Chile)

Quincuagésima sesión Seminario Interno FEN
Noviembre 17

Jana Fidrmuc (Warwick Business School)

Título: "Hedge Fund Activism and CEO Compensation"
Diciembre 1

Elizabeth Gutiérrez (FEN)

Título: "How useful are auditors’ going concern opinions as predictors of default?"
Diciembre 13

Miguel Minutti (University of Miami)

Joe Schroeder (Indiana University)

Chendi Zhang (Warwick Business School)

Michael Tang (NYU)

Workshop Internacional